Man To Marmot: 'Dude, Get Outta My House!'

"Dude was acting sketchy."

Warning: The video above contains language and marmot activity that may be unsuitable for some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. 

This marmot is either a terrible listener or, worse, couldn't care less.

As you can clearly see, no amount of foul language or desperate pleas for this "dude" to "get outta my house" could remove the animal.   

Reddit user tydalt, who apologizes for posting a vertical video, explains that he was inspecting his new home when he encountered the yellow-bellied beast. He says that he was "kind" to the marmot because "Dude was acting sketchy and rodents in this part of the country carry the f***ing PLAGUE." 

Anyway, it could be worse.