Man Tracks Down Long-Lost Daughter On Social Media After 9 Years, Grandma Refuses To Let Them Meet

Fourteen-year-old Kasey has lived with her maternal grandmother, Sandy, since she was 1 year old. After Kasey’s mom, Jennifer, divorced her father, Ted, he says he was unable to find his daughter for nine years. With the help of Kasey’s half-sister, Heather, and the use of social media, he was finally able to track Kasey down two years ago.

But, says Ted, his ex-mother-in-law refuses to let him see her.

Sandy says Ted is a stranger to Kasey and, she says, Kasey doesn’t want to see him.

“It’s too late for him to be a father,” asserts Sandy, who says she is “willing to do anything” to keep Kasey away from Ted.

Ted’s current wife, Trisha, says in one of the first texts Ted received from Kasey she said, “‘I know all about you, and all you’ve ever done is lie to me.’”

Watch the video above, as Trisha says she is convinced that Kasey has Stockholm syndrome and that being kept away from Kasey has taken a toll on her husband.

“Ted’s daughter has been fed the emotions that she feels, and I truly believe that Sandy has done that,” claims Trisha.

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