Man Trapped In Razor Wire Border Fence Removed By San Diego Fire Department (VIDEO)

The San Diego Fire Department retrieved a man Tuesday left trapped 20 feet in the air, when razor wire sliced through his flesh, trapping him on top of the border fence separating the Mexico from the United States, Fox 5 San Diego reports.

The would-be migrant approached the fence with a ladder and tried to jump over -- a tactic used by some people who normally lay hard mats over the fence, according to Fox 5. (If you’ve seen the movie “Fight Club,” you may be familiar with the technique.)

The man was taken to receive medical treatment and may face charges for illegal entry.

The episode was a tragic reminder of how desperate some people are to enter to the United States, but it wasn’t an isolated event. U.S. authorities helped rescue some 21 people caught on the border fence last year, the Border Patrol told Fox 5.

The U.S. Congress is currently considering a bipartisan proposal for immigration reform that would pour billions more dollars into border security.

I think what we would do if the bill passes… is go back and look at the type of fencing we have and say, ‘Do we want to make it triple what it is or taller?’ -- or something of that sort.

Watch the newscast from Fox 5 in the video above and let us know what you think of the border fence in the poll below and in the comments.



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