What Self-Respecting Cop Would Accept This Cake As A Bribe?

The confection allegedly came with a note: "Cake is to sweeten deal. Let's make it happen today,"

Police in Bennington, Vermont, say a man allegedly tried to bribe an officer with a cake .

Edward Corey, 62, of Shaftsbury, was charged Monday on a felony count of grand larceny and a misdemeanor count of bribery.

 A note on the pink-frosted confection supposedly said that it's "to sweeten deal. Let's make it happen today," WCAX-TV reports.

The investigation began in January, after Corey's father accused him of taking $2,000 from a joint bank account.

Cpl. Christopher Lauzon of the Bennington Police Department said the suspect admitted taking $2,000 from his father because his dad “didn’t deserve it,” according to an affidavit obtained by the Rutland Herald.

In early February, the elder Corey told police that his son had taken $5,000 from the joint account.

Lauzon issued a citation to Corey on Feb. 21.

After that, Lauzon claims the suspect started leaving messages for investigators asking if he can resolve the matter without going to court, according to the paper.

Three days later, Corey allegedly sent the pink cake with this handwritten note:

The cake was photographed but destroyed without being eaten, according to the Rutland Herald. The box was saved as evidence.

Lauzon said he received two more letters after getting the cake. In one of them, Corey allegedly griped that Lauzon had a day off when he "took care of his father for 27 years with no days off,” according to an affidavit.

Corey represented himself at Monday's arraignment and was released under the condition he not have contact with his father.

The court also ordered the suspect to undergo a competency evaluation to see if he is able to stand trial, according to the Berkshire Eagle.



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