Man Tries To Date 6 Women In One Night, They Become BFFs Instead

Lookin' good, ladies.
Lookin' good, ladies.
Lisette Pylant

Female friendships are a powerful thing, especially, as it turns out, when they’re founded on shutting down a slimy dude. This week, Washington D.C.-based office manager Lisette Pylant learned this first hand.

On Monday night, according to an epic, now-viral Twitter thread, Pylant went on a date set up for her by friends. She met up with the guy at a bar that her friends work at, and even though she was warned by her bartender friend before she got there that her date “sucked,” she showed up anyway.

What ended up happening was an inspiring story for women who’ve wasted their time on a shitty date when they could have had a night out with people they actually like. (And in this case, those people were here date’s other dates).

That’s right.

After 45 minutes on a mediocre date with a project manager, Pylant got to watch his second one. And then his third.

And later, his fourth, fifth, and sixth.

Throughout the night, as it became evermore clear that this guy had set up his own evening of speed-dating, Pylant began bonding with the other women and, ultimately, intercepting his dates and creating a badass girl group.

As her tweets show, after she left the first bar with two of his other dates, the bartender alerted her that more of them kept coming.

“I’m stealing his dates and making them my friends and I’m SO HERE FOR IT,” she tweeted.

Pylant and the other women branched off to get dinner and drinks (after they’d put a couple of drinks on their mutual date’s tab) and continued to steal his dates away to form their own posse.

According to Pylant’s tweets, the dude in question thought he could get away with going on six dates in one night because he’s a project manager who just knows how to “manage [his] time efficiently.”

They weren’t even dates, apparently ― he told Pylant they were “pre-date conversations.”

Pylant’s original tweet and the subsequent threads have gone viral, amassing thousands of favorites and retweets even though the date was less than 24 hours ago.

“You win some you lose some,” she wrote at the end of the night. “But hopefully you make three new best friends in the process.”

Ah, the beauty of female friendships.

HuffPost has reached out to Pylant and will update this piece accordingly.

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