'Man Up' Facebook Game Encourages STD Screening For Gay Men

Users Can 'Catch' STDs In New Facebook Game

A new Facebook game is taking a socially-conscious look at the sex lives of gay and bisexual men, promoting the idea that the more men you have sex with, the more frequently you should be screened for sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Titled "Man Up," the game allows players to attempt to bounce between brightly colored beds without being knocked off by a "love bug." The higher a player manages to bounce, the more points they receive -- but those points can only be banked by a visit to the "floating clinic," according to the U.K.-based HIV and sexual health advocacy group Terrence Higgins Trust.

"A game of bouncy beds and scoring," the game's Facebook description reads. "But your score’s only yours if you visit a clinic. It’s up to you if you play it safe!"

As Unicorn Booty blogger Kevin Farrell also notes, players can choose between four "devastatingly handsome" avatars, including "Sexy Beast."

The game is part of the group's England-wide HIV prevention campaign, according to the website.

“It’s best for gay men to go for an STI screen at least once every six months," Cary James, Head of Programs at Terrence Higgins Trust, said on the group's website. "If you’re having lots of different sexual partners, it’s a good idea to go more often. The sooner you find out you have a sexually transmitted infection [including HIV], the better. Finding out earlier makes it easier to treat and avoids any long term problems."

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