Man Uses McDonald's Monopoly Tickets To Feed Those In Need


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On Monday, Matt Lawson, a photographer from Melbourne, Australia, shared a photo on Facebook of a ticket he received from the fast-food giant’s Monopoly game, which is ongoing in the country.

In the game, certain menu items come with game tickets ― some of which lead to “instant wins,” or vouchers that customers can use to redeem free food. Lawson, who got one such ticket, called on people through his post to collect the instant wins they receive and give them to homeless people or shelters.

“While it is junk food, a person that hasn’t eaten for days will appreciate it, and it makes people aware of the homeless issue and teaches them to give,” Lawson told Metro UK.

The idea took off on the social media site, and it’s had an impact already.

“I’ve been hearing about schools and workplaces putting jars in their offices encouraging students and employees to give up their unused vouchers,” the photographer told The Huffington Post. “Others are going in to the city in groups and handing theirs out to those in need.”

Unfortunately, people in the United States can’t jump on this particular charitable bandwagon, since the McDonald’s promotion isn’t currently running there.

The photographer explained to Metro UK that he felt compelled to share his idea after finding his instant win ticket and seeing a homeless man who’d been a banker in the past but had fallen on hard times. Lawson gave the man his voucher and later on shared his idea with his social network.

The response has been incredible, the photographer told HuffPost, and he’s found that many people are more than willing to give back.

“It seems that a lot of the 25-35 year olds want to help out, but just needed a way to do it,” he said.

Though Lawson said his idea was initially met with resistance from McDonald’s, as he was told the tickets are non-transferrable, it seems the fast food giant has warmed up to the idea.

“We admire Matt’s efforts and it’s up to customers how they use their tickets. We’ll honor any ticket presented in restaurant,” the company said in a statement obtained by

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