Man Vows To Draw A Butt Everyday This Year, So Enjoy The View

Finally, a meaningful New Year's resolution

For all of 2016, Charles Vestal is going to be an ass man.

The 32-year-old from Portland, Oregon, made a New Year's resolution to draw at least one butt everyday and post it to his Tumblr.

On Jan. 1 he got off to an excellent start.

"Every year, I try and set a year-long challenge for myself," he explained to The Huffington Post on Tuesday. "This year, I figured why not try and draw a butt ... Each person on this planet has a butt, but probably rarely sees it."

Vestal, who works in software, says he's just learning to draw and paint derrieres. He figured when the domain became available, he'd go to work. "Butts are funny, and it's a funny word."

Vestal is rendering his bums on an iPad using Procreate and promises that no day will get left behind.

"They're all just butts," he said. "And we're all just butts on this Earth."

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