This Jubilant Man Winning $26,000 On 'Price Is Right' Is All Of Us, Really

"Price is Right" contestant Eliot just seemed like a regular guy when he first spun the wheel trying to make it into the Showcase Showdown, but it didn't take long for that change.

After landing on the dollar, Eliot broke into one of the greatest celebrations you could imagine. He initially dropped to the floor for what was either a very successful interpretation of a flopping fish or a very poor attempt at the worm, and after that came the twerking.

To make things even better, he got the dollar on his second spin too, resulting in an amazing encore celebration performance.

In the end, Eliot took home $26,000 from the wheel and more than $59,000 in cash and prizes overall, according to Uproxx, but his greatest victory was definitely winning a place in our hearts.

Wait, never mind. It was the $59,000.



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