Dude With Rod In His Head Seems Pretty Chill About It (VIDEO)

When a 23-year-old man walked into a gas station in New Zealand with a metal rod sticking out of his head, witnesses thought he was playing a prank on them.

He wasn't. In fact, he'd just been brutally attacked in Katikati by a stranger, who punched him in the head and essentially impaled him with the rod, according to 3 News. Security footage released by the Associated Press shows the man walk into the gas station on Saturday with a nonchalance that either makes him bad-ass or out of his mind:

"I was like, 'Man is this a TV show? Is this guy for real?" the gas station's owner, Lester Gray, told 3 News. "It looked like a Halloween stunt where people wear those Halloween costumes over their heads, but it was pretty real when he turned around and blood was coming down the side of his head."

When Gray asked the victim if he had a drum stick in his head, the victim reportedly said, "Nah, it's a rod."

He kept his cool. He was rushed to a hospital where he remains in stable condition. Police are still on the lookout for a suspect in the attack.