Man With Vampire Teeth Arrested For Attacking Homeless Man

FANGS A LOT: Man With Vampire Teeth Allegedly Attacked A Homeless Man

Sunny San Diego seems like the last place a vampire would be found, but local police have arrested a man who has what only can be described as "vampire teeth."

The sharp-toothed suspect, whose name has not been released, is accused of attacking a homeless man and threatening to kill him, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Early Monday morning, police were called to a shopping center in the La Jolla section of San Diego by someone who saw the victim standing outside a CVS Pharmacy, San Diego police Capt. Brian Ahearn told the paper.

Officials arrived to find a 55-year-old man wounded and bleeding with his left eye swollen shut, Ahearn said.

"The attacker kicked him repeatedly in the face, head and ribs while saying that he wanted to kill him," Ahearn told La Jolla Patch.

However, it should be noted that the man who did the attacking did so by kicking the victim, not biting him, despite having a set of choppers perfect for the job.

Officers arrested the suspect a short time later and booked him on felony assault charges, NBC San Diego reported, adding that, like the victim, the suspect also appears to be a transient.

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