It's Manatee Awareness Month. Let's Celebrate.

If you don't like manatees, what's wrong with you?

Florida takes a lot of criticism, but it's done one thing right.

In 2005, the Sunshine State declared November "Manatee Awareness Month" to promote the protection of Florida's official marine mammal. We couldn't approve more.

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Manatees make up three out of the four species in the order Sirenia. The name is related to the sirens of Greek mythology -- half-bird, half-human women who were said to lure sailors to their deaths on craggy rocks.
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But a real manatee would never do that! These gentle giants mostly just want to be left alone.
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Unfortunately, humans haven't quite gotten the memo. Florida manatees -- which are endangered -- are threatened by collisions with boat hulls and propellers, as well has habitat loss.
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Even well-meaning humans can harm manatees when they feed, interact with, or even try to ride the wild animals. Those kinds of activities can disturb the creatures' natural routines and put them in harm's way.
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But it doesn't have to be this way. That's why we have Manatee Awareness Month.
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So what's a manatee-lover to do? If you're a resident of Florida -- or just visiting -- follow Defenders of Wildlife's tips on how to respect manatee habitat.
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You can even symbolically adopt a manatee (or two) through the nonprofit Save the Manatee Club. The group is also rolling out a series of manatee education programs for Florida schools. One of those courses is available for free to the general public.
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Because really, how great are manatees?
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Sometimes they grow algae, but it's chill.
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Some will accuse these "sea cows" of being unintelligent, but recent research suggests the sweet creatures are much smarter than people give them credit for.
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Did you know some evidence suggests that Christopher Columbus mistook a manatee for a mermaid?
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He wrote it was "not as beautiful" as he'd expected.
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Don't listen to him, manatees.
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You're beautiful to us.

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