20 Photos Of Manatees Doing Manatee Things And Being Very Cute (PHOTOS)

Adorable Manatees Doing Manatee Things With Manatee Friends

Manatees are the cutest. (Their cousin, the dugong, is also quite winning!)

1. They high five!manatees

2. They are sometimes really, really adorably fat.manatee

3. Birds ride for free. manatee

4. They scratch their bottoms. manatee

5. This is how they nap. manatee sleeping

6. They show off their bellies! manatee

7. Manatees have whiskers. manatee

8. And the cutest smiles. florida manatee

9. Sometimes they look like old men watching TV.manatee

10. Manatees always seem happy.manatee

11. They have fish friends over for a buffet.manatee

12. Surprise! They have flippernails. manatee

13. Even coming out of the dark, they aren't scary. manatee

14. Some enjoy a good belly scratch (but don't touch if you ever see one!)manatee

15. Manatees always share snacks. manatee

16. Have we mentioned they're so round and cute? manatee

17. Manatee babies always love their mothers. manatees

18. They party together in warm water in winter. manatees

19. Thanks to their vegan habits, the manatee's nickname is "sea cow."manatee

20. They're up for adventure, but they also need our help to survive. manatee

Clarification: Photo #4 above is of a dugong, a close relative of the manatee. But we don't discriminate and want to share the love.

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