Mandy Moore Got A Tiny Tattoo Of A Single Sperm For The Oddest Reason

We got a swimmer!

It turns out Mandy Moore has a tattoo, and it’s not at all what we expected. 

The actress and singer opened up about her body art on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” Monday and explained why she inked a tiny sperm on her ankle. 

“Well about 10 years ago, I was on tour with my band, ‘cause I also sing,” Moore said, explaining that when her band got ready in hotels, she had her own room, but all of the guys in the band shared a single room and bathroom.

“Their one rule was nobody was allowed to ... do that thing in the shower,” the actress said before clarifying. “To not masturbate in the shower. And it became this big joke because one of my band members was like, ‘I don’t want babies on my feet.’”

Moore said that the phrase “babies on my feet” soon became a song that she and the band would close out their shows with, and eventually it inspired her tattoo. 

“To commemorate the tour we all got babies on our feet, so I have a little sperm tattoo right there on my foot,” the actress said as the audience laughed. It’s actually pretty understated.

The “This Is Us” actress said that while getting a pedicure, a nail artist awkwardly tried to scrub the tattoo off, mistaking it for permanent marker. 

Listen to the whole story in the clip above and stay tuned for Mandy Moore and her band’s new single, “Babies on My Feet” (we kid, we kid). 



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