'Mangier Things' Reimagines Your Favorite Netflix Show With A Cast Of Plump Kitties

Don't forget about "Paw'd City" or "Purrs and Recreation," either.

Keep these kittens from the Upside Pound!

Just when we thought our love for the summer Netflix hit “Stranger Things” had hit its peak, one artist’s illustrations made us have to sit down for some serious coffee and contemplation.

Cassie Murphy, a Seattle-based artist, is no stranger to feline-filled art. Her website is full of four-legged purr machines — one held aloft with tiny wings, another gleefully stomping through a delicate vase store, yet another dressed in Xena gear and riding a pug into battle. Y’know, cat things.

Murphy’s art is the purr-fect match for our latest pop culture obsessions, as is evidenced by her poster renderings of the cast of “Stranger Things,” of course, but also “The Last Man on Earth,” “Game of Thrones,” “Broad City” and more.

Murphy is currently at work drawing all the art for an upcoming video game with Spite House studio. Check out the a-meow-zing (we had to) illustrations below, and pick up a poster for your favorite cat lady (or gentleman) from Murphy’s Etsy shop.

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