'Words Almost Everyone Mixes Up Or Mangles': 7 Entries From The New American Heritage Book (PHOTOS)

Grammar Pet Peeves: 7 'Words Almost Everyone Mixes Up Or Mangles' (PHOTOS)

As a kid, did you ever dread being sent to the principle's office?

Or have you ever asked someone to be discrete with delicate information you've given them?

English is a Rubick's cube of confusing possibilities, but the new book, "100 Words Almost Everyone Mixes Up Or Mangles" from the editors of the American Heritage Dictionary will set straight all the little linguistic hurdles that effect us, once and for all.

Here are a few of the most famous mix-ups featured in the book with captions by the editors of "100 Words."

Have a favorite we missed? Or how about a word that really gets under your skin when mangled or mixed-up?

cache / cachet

Words Everyone Screws Up

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