Mango And Milkshake: Kitten, Puppy Cuddle In Possibly The Cutest Video On The Internet (VIDEO)

WATCH: Mango The Kitten LOVES Milkshake, His Favorite Puppy Friend

This is quite possibly the cutest video of baby animals on the Internet, and yes, we know there are many of them.

But Mango and Milkshake, delightful to the point of seizure, are seriously poised to conquer the cute animal world.

In this YouTube video, a 2-week old kitten named Mango unabashedly smothers some love on tubby little Milkshake, who's clearly his favorite little pup in the whole wide world.

According to the video description, Mango and Milkshake are rescue animals who will be available for adoption in the Los Angeles area in the coming weeks.

Milkshake was rescued with his siblings earlier this month and Mango was brought in on the same day. All of them were reportedly so young when they were rescued that they needed bottle-feeding.

According to user supershiksa, who uploaded the video, the rescue is a joint project of Kitten Rescue and Best Friends Los Angeles under No Kill L.A., a coalition of rescues that is "working to bring about an end to shelter euthanasia in Los Angeles."

User supershiksa says the little kitten is being raised with the litter of puppies as "one happy family."

But Mango has clearly found his favorite.

If you're impatient to get to the really squeeze-you-from-the-inside good bits, start the video at 1:00. Watch it and weep.

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