Manhattan Madam's Tell-All: Spitzer Got "Rough And Too Aggressive"

Manhattan Madam's Tell-All: Spitzer Got "Rough And Too Aggressive"

Kristen Davis, a madam who ran "Wicked Models," reportedly booked prostitutes for Eliot Spitzer and was busted last March, has written a tell-all book called "The Manhattan Madam" that is for sale online.

Davis spent four months in prison for her work in 2008, and claims in the book that the former New York governor called about once a week from 2004 to 2006, when she had to cut him off:

Spitzer meant "thousands of dollars of steady income for me and my ladies," wrote Davis, "that is, until the complaints began coming in hot and heavy" about the client who gave the phony name "James."

"James was getting rough and too aggressive with the girls - repeatedly pressuring them to do things they didn't want to do."

She also said Spitzer tended to obsess about a girl, would want to see her every day and was pushy and whiny with her."

But his biggest problem, she said, was that he didn't want to use a condom, and "he'd be a real weasel about it, too."

The ban was eventually lifted, however.

See Kristin Davis's website, where the book is available for sale both as a hard copy and a PDF. Other than Spitzer she doesn't really name names, however. She describes the book in part as including:

Just a few of her 10,000 clients:

- An internationally best-selling author who closed Kristin's business for a night so he could have all the girls to himself- An Oscar-winning actor who engaged in hot tub hijinks- Wall Street titans who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on hookers

From sex to drugs to corporate espionage, this riveting book has all the elements of a classic page-turner.

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