The 19 Things That Happen Every Time You Get A Manicure

The 19 Things That Happen Every Time You Get A Manicure

Painting your nails is one of the smallest, easiest ways to change up your look. Whether you're in it for the nail art or the sheer pleasure of a freshly-painted manicure, there are so many reasons to treat yourself every once in a while.

But as anyone who has ever gone to a salon knows, there are certain things that happen every single time. 19 of them, to be exact. They are:

1. You spend at least 10 minutes picking out a color.

It's a tough decision. We know.

2. You make some kind of excuse for your chipped nails.

gross animated GIF

3. You have no idea if you want your cuticles cut but you do it... "just a little."

4. You wish the hand massage could last forever...

Brush Cat animated GIF

5. ...But politely decline when asked if you would like a longer one (what, are you made of money?)

6. You can NEVER remember how much to tip.

7. You decide you want quick dry, even though it's $1 extra (SPLURGE!)

8. The first nail is painted and you say "ooh, pretty color!" Every. Single Time.

9. You're done! Now it's time to sit at the dryer and pretend you're not wondering whether or not you'll get a back massage.

10. You use every ounce of will power you have NOT to touch your phone while you're under the dryer.

11. You excessively check your watch. Time seems to literally come to a halt.

12. You eventually cave... after all, you haven't checked Instagram in at least 15 minutes.

13. Your nail smudges. PANIC ENSUES.

14. You debate whether or not it's worth it to point out. You can live with one tiny smudge, right?

15. WRONG. The smudge is eating away at you. You finally bring yourself to point it out.

16. The shame is real.

17. You spray enough of this stuff to last a week. You know, just to be sure.

18. You leave with a fresh set of fingers and a new lease on life...

19. ...until they start to chip.

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