Manifest the Life You Want in 2018

I’d like to share a manifestation ritual that I’ve made my New Year’s tradition; it’s a burning bowl ceremony. We usually perform it on New Year’s Eve but it can certainly be done other days of the year. It’s a way to let go of all things negative that we hold onto — and burn them away. It’s also a way to manifest things into your life by taking a moment of self reflection and putting thought and energy into what you really want for yourself. It is unapologetic and it is your own personal almanac to release into the realm of possibilities. To prepare yourself for this you need to ask yourself “What would I like to release going into 2018? What would I like to create in 2018?”

On a piece of paper, write out all the things that no longer serve you or that you would like to release. It could be related to fears, guilts, regrets — essentially anything that you view as negative in your life. When you’re finished writing take the paper and burn it. I use a large glass bowl and I burn it in the bowl outside as a precaution. When burning the paper, visualize the smoke as negativity being released from you. If burning the paper is absolutely not an option for you then take the paper and tear it up into as many pieces as possible and throw it away. Visualize the tiny pieces of paper as a fine powder that turns smokey so you can release the negativity in the same manor as the burning.

Now, take in a deep breath and imagine a pink light surrounds you. As you inhale, visualize the pink light flooding your entire physical body. Hold your breath for a moment while envisioning all the things you would like to release. Then release your breath, visualizing it as a grey mist coming from your mouth. Continue this a few times until you feel the pressure released from your heart and chest area. This should be an emotional release as you breath away all the negative emotions that were associated with what was written on the burned piece of paper.

Then, on a new piece of paper write out all of the things you would like to create and accomplish in 2018. You may want to start this with:

In 2018, I create...


Spirit please guide me in 2018 in creating...

Strive to write everything down in the present tense. Such as:

I am prosperous...

I have joy...

I have a healthy, loving relationship...

Once you have finished this process, fold the paper and hold it in between both your hands, visualizing white light flowing from your hands and into the paper. Silently say a prayer asking your higher power to assist you with your creation in the year ahead.

Once you have finished this process, seal your folded paper in an envelope. On the front of the envelope, write, “I create in 2018.”

Now the difficult part... Put the envelope in a safe place or give it to someone you trust to return the envelope to you next New Years Eve. Don’t look at it until then.  Forgetting what you wrote down will allow your higher self to attract the people and circumstances necessary for your desires to come to fruition.

Next new Year’s Eve open the envelope and see how much of what you wrote down has come come true! I’ve been so amazed in the past at the things I forgot I had written down and manifested through this exercise.

When we visualize our life the way we want it to be we are giving energy to something that can manifest those things. This is why releasing the negative thoughts and beginning to focus on positive outcomes is so crucial to attaining happiness. By writing down what we want in the present tense we are imagining our life as if those things are already true, no questions, no worries, no doubts. We are in control of our own destiny. Never underestimate your own power to manifest in your life. You must practice the art of it. It is a form of prayer. May your 2018 be filled with prosperity, abundance, and love!

Much love,


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