Universal Law #1: 'Pure Potential' -- How to Manifest Anything You Desire

The experience of self (our essential nature) is called self-referral, and it points to our internal reference point, our spirit. Object referral is where objects outside ourselves always influence us.
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Article two in a series of six.

In shop class in the 7th grade I learned about how a potentiometer regulates the flow of energy to a light bulb. It determines the use of potential inherent in the electrical current running through the wires. We are like the potentiometer: We can increase and even direct the flow of energy, of pure potential and create something out of nothing. This source energy comes in the form of pure consciousness; it is our spiritual essence. It can be seen in the form of pure knowledge, experienced as infinite silence, perfect balance, immortality and bliss. It is our essential nature; it is spirit.

The experience of self (our essential nature) is called self-referral, and it points to our internal reference point, our spirit. Object referral is where objects outside ourselves always influence us. We seek approval of others; we always act in anticipation of the response. It is fear-based. This leads to an intense need to control things. When we experience our source energy, our pure potential, there is an absence of fear; there is no compulsion to control or struggle for approval. Control is a sign of the ego at work, not our spirit. Our true self, our spirit, our soul, is completely free of those things. It is fearless and it feels beneath no one; yet is humble at the same time. When coming from spirit you are dealing from a point of love. You draw people to you and you draw things that you desire to you. These responses are initiated as a principle of nature, but we must align ourselves with this principle. The way we align ourselves is through silencing the mind and then setting an intention. We then align our behaviors with this intention and then we are able to detach from a point of spirit or source. The universe begins to put its wheels in motion, handling the details in alignment without pure consciousness.

On the cover of my book The Point of Power, I illustrate the concept of presence and setting of an intention from a point of spirit in the present moment using a droplet heading to a body of water below. Like a stone tossed into a quiet pond of water, its ripple is clear and its effect prominent. We must quiet our mind so that our intention is received by the universe in a similar manner and in the present moment. We cannot be thinking about past experiences, nor can we project into the future. It is only as the stone hits the surface that it has any power. Like the stone we must set our intention as though the intention has already manifested in the present moment and on a flat clean, quieted mind surface. In The Point of Power book I use the example of ordering Risotto from a waiter in a restaurant. We order as if the Risotto has already arrived, we can almost taste it. Maybe we can smell it; we never doubt for a moment it will arrive. The universe responds just like that waiter. If one's mind is like a turbulent river, the intention cannot even be seen let alone be acted on. Set your intention on a quieted mind with a clear, concise intention.

We can more readily access this pure consciousness (pure potential) through the daily practice of meditation and non-judgment. We create new neural pathways by ritualizing the process and building our faith. We still the waters of our thought, our mind. Non-judgment creates silence in the mind. Judging requires us to take a position; once we take a position we are in ego. We create resistance and muddy the waters of manifestation. While I was living among Tibetan Monks at the Lama Temple in Beijing I noticed that they spent their days quieting their minds and constantly reiterating faith in the Buddha. As they did they would literally initiate what I have coined as a Faith Wave. It is from this Faith "brain" Wave that we are able to move to a point of oneness, in the present moment, and with the full power to initiate our manifestation. It is from this state of oneness and not from ego that we begin to connect fully with source energy. It is also at this moment that we learn of our essential nature. As you discover your essential nature, and in that begin to know yourself, it is in that knowing that you can fulfill any dream. There is no distance between you and this field of energy. This field is your truest self -- your spirit. It is from this state of mind that one can manifest anything they desire.

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The information in this post is based on Deepak Chopra's book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams.

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