What Are the 5 Universal Laws That Initiate Manifestation of Our Desires?

The universe is nothing but the self curving within itself to experience itself as spirit, mind, and matter. Consciousness in motion expresses itself as the matter of the universe -- our life situations. The source of all creation is the spirit.
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Chapter one, "Introduction to the Art of Manifestation" -- first in a series of six

Unemployed and sitting at home worrying? Marital problems leading you to divorce? Are you stressed and getting sick as a result? Let's turn this around for you in the coming five weeks.

When knowledge is entangled with consciousness, it provides one with the ability to create infinite wealth with effortless ease. It allows the individual to experience success in each and every endeavor. But what is success truly?

Let's redefine success as the continued expansion and progressive manifestation of objectives that are in alignment with one's spirit. Another aspect of success is the ability to manifest desires effortlessly. This is, of course, in contradiction with the hard work, painstaking, stress-filled approach that goes along with the Western European work ethic that many of us grew up with. This series of articles will remain in conflict with this ethic, as it still remains the status quo for a great majority of us.

The approach I am advocating here as a path to wealth and abundance provides for an abundant flow of good things to the individual. With knowledge and practice we become part of the same flow and harmony found in nature, with the essence or core being joy and love.

There are many aspects to success, with material wealth being only one component. Success needs to be a journey, not a destination. Wealth, while sitting in a hospital bed waiting for an ailment to subside, is not success. Our definition of success needs to include good health, passion, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional stability. Peace of mind and well-being are the crux of a successful person's life.

It is important to point out that even with all these things being present, we will remain unfulfilled unless we nurture the seeds of our spirit. We must look within for answers to achieving a joy-filled life. Truly successful individuals expect the miraculous to be an inherent part of their existence.

So how does this all happen?

Laws and principles sit at the essence of how the unmanifest becomes. It is the process by which the observer becomes the observed. The seer becomes the scenery, by which the dream becomes our reality. Our physical body, the physical universe -- anything and everything that we can perceive -- is the transformation of the unmanifest the invisible into the known the visible.

The universe is nothing but the self curving within itself to experience itself as spirit, mind, and matter. Consciousness in motion expresses itself as the matter of the universe -- our life situations. The source of all creation is the spirit. The process of creation is the mind or our thoughts, with the object of our creation being the physical. The three components are spirit, mind, and body. They all are initiated from the field of pure potentiality, which is un-manifest.

The physical laws are actually the entire process of consciousness in motion. When we apply those laws, we begin to see that we can create anything in the same fashion that nature creates a forest, a star or a human body. It is the same way we bring about manifestation of our desires. In the coming five weeks I will express to you the five basic laws that are the essence of creation. You will be able to apply them in your own life and see results immediately. I will show my readers the "Intend Declare Detach technology" and relate it to each of the five basic laws. I look forward to hearing from you on how this plays out in the lives of those readers that initiate the five directives in their daily lives. I can tell you that you will begin to see synchronicity within days of starting this process, with your desires beginning to become manifest as you follow the directives or laws we will talk about.

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The information in this post is based on Deepak Chopra's book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams.

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