Manifesting Merlin

At 52, I had found the love of my life. We have each come to this union via our own paths -- individual joys and sorrows. It is right timing. We truly see each other; that is the most magnificent gift of all.
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As soon as the lady behind the counter said, "It's not magic," I was in. How could it hurt? Greta showed me a soul-mate crystal -- white quartz, straight, one end with two spires, the other coming to a single point. The elongated crystal fit perfectly in my hand, but at $20 was too expensive for this freelance editor. When Greta assured me that "Spirit works, no matter the size," I reached my hand back into the basket and pulled out a much smaller, but similarly shaped crystal.

I had been wandering around a local metaphysical store, as I like to do on occasion. I have a sharp and intellectual mind -- grounded and skeptical, complemented by a curiosity and open heart. I have studied Reiki, Tarot, and Shamanism, among other esoteric practices. Each in its own way has been about opening my spirit and mind so that I can step into my own power as a person. I'm for any avenue that can help me resonate to my highest potential -- as long as it is not hurtful to me or anyone else. My explorations have shown me the importance of intention. And in order to manifest, I must ask the universe for what I want.

Greta showed me how to hold the crystal, with the two points outward and the single point at my heart -- symbolic of two merging into one. I was to do this for five minutes each evening before I went to sleep. While holding the crystal this way, I was to envision my soul mate walking through my front door. "Not what he looks like physically," she stressed. "That is a mistake that young people especially make. What you must focus on is who your soulmate is."

That night as I lay in bed, I held the soul-mate crystal in my hand. I spoke in the present tense as Greta had instructed. I knew my soulmate.

  • He is kind.
  • He is intelligent.
  • If he has children, he has a good relationship with them.
  • He is financially secure. (I'm not talking a millionaire, just a man who is responsible with money in the present and for the future -- but not a skinflint either.)
  • He may not have the same spiritual practices or beliefs as I do but respects mine.
  • He has a sense of humor.
  • He is grateful to have found love again and understands what a gift our relationship is.
  • We have a fulfilling physical connection.
  • We have a true partnership.

For several months I put this intention into the universe. Each night after I finished the recitation, I placed the crystal under my pillow, figuring that couldn't hurt either.

My marriage had not been a mistake. My ex-husband was and still is a lovely person. We shared many special experiences in our life together. However, it became clear that we weren't serving each other as true partners. We dissolved our marriage in January 2013 after almost 15 years. It was sad, but absolutely necessary for both of us.

After the divorce, I had a much-needed rebound affair of several months with a man introduced to me by a friend. Once that was over, I did something that made me beyond uncomfortable -- I started online dating. It was as awful as I knew it would be for this shy and private person. I had many first dates. I took myself offline in December 2014. As I continued to regroup after the divorce and the unpleasant ending of the affair, I knew that I had to put action with intent to manifest. In May 2015, four months after I started the nightly ritual with the crystal, I re-opened my account. Charlie was one of the first three to contact me.

This time there was a second date, then a third. And a few months in, Charlie told me I was his soulmate. I already knew he was mine. He is 59 and possesses all of the qualities and more that I had chanted out into the darkness. At 52, I had found the love of my life. We have each come to this union via our own paths -- individual joys and sorrows. It is right timing. We truly see each other; that is the most magnificent gift of all.

I call him Merlin because he says, I'm "youthen-ing" him. Like Merlin of the Arthurian legend, we are both growing younger in our hearts and spirits. The gift of love is more profound over 50. We know life, we know loss, and we know there are more years behind than ahead. It is not magic. It feels magical.

Charlie and Anne--January 2016

Although we met in May, we didn't take any photos together until this one when we went to see the national tour of If/Then in October 2015. This is when I allowed myself to believe that what was happening was real.

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