Manifesting Your Dreams and Holistic Coaching

Why manifest your dreams and follow your heart? One of the greatest gifts in life is the gift of choice. In so many ways, you can choose how you want to live. You are the author of your life.


To manifest your dreams you will need to choose differently, to lift yourself out of the familiar comfort zone and the status quo.

For more - for a better a life - you need to seek more, whether on a material or immaterial level, whether more things or more consciousness, and the two can be deliberately connected.

Here are three reasons for manifesting your dreams:

1) You become empowered.

By knowing how to manifest your dreams, your life becomes richer on many levels. You now feel more confident and better able to handle life's twists and turns.

2) You feel more alive.

Manifesting what you want definitely boosts your energy. The thrill of adventure, the new learning, the new experiences and wonderful things will deepen your life.

3) You improve different areas of your life.

Think of the possibilities. You can manifest better health, career, wealth, relationships and more. You no longer sit on the bench being a bystander. You get in the game and play -- fully engaged.

We start out early in life bogged down by past life experiences, limiting beliefs and programming about our limitations. Limiting self-talk reverberates in our heads about what we are supposed to be or what we can even achieve. But so much more is possible...

You learn from your successes as well as your failures. You can feel good about where you are and where you are going.

Some Examples of Manifesting with Coaching

In our past Holistic Coaching and Healing Telecourse focusing on Manifesting Your Dreams, students have manifested many wonderful things. Here are just a few examples:

For health:

* Debbie eliminated her chronic back pain.
* Sharon healed her fibromyalgia
* Jeryl Ann ended her longtime sugar addiction and lost 72 pounds

For wealth:

* Judy, a school teacher at the time, manifested an extra $20,000 from an investment

For career:

* Over the years, scores of students have started or enhanced their careers, in coaching, healing and other fields. Their job or career can transform into an uplifting calling.

For relationships:

* Barbara no longer felt the lifelong dominance by her father and his low expectations of her because she was a female.

Holistic coaching also can teach you how to relate and communicate better. What's more, there is a strong holistic community of fellow like-minded learners. Many students develop lasting personal and professional relationships with others taking the course.


Yes, you can definitely manifest something smaller, say an outfit or a new phone. And then there are the bigger things in life: relationships, health careers and learning.

You have your life ahead of you. As Emile Zola famously said, "I am here to live out loud." If you haven't done so already, isn't it time to take the next step in answering your calling?

What do you want to manifest? Go for it!

For more on how to manifest your dreams, see our Holistic Coaching and Healing Online Telecourse Certification