3 Ways to Start Manifesting What You Want and Stop Manifesting What You Don't

If you are thinking or speaking, you are manifesting. It doesn't matter to the Universe whether those thoughts and words are negative or positive. It will be supportive of whatever you "want" and make it a part of your life.

For instance, if Jim says, "My business is struggling. I have no orders coming in," day after day, Jim has essentially programmed his subconscious mind to believe that this is the way things are. The Universe receives this as an affirmation that Jim is making about his life. Apparently, this is what Jim wants to create with his free will, because he's giving it so much energy. So the Universe says, "Okay, Jim's business is struggling, and he has no orders coming in. Done."

Sally might be trying to lose weight, but looks in the mirror every morning and thinks to herself, "I am so fat!" Again, "Okay, Sally, you can have what you want... You are so fat! Done." When you constantly connect to a belief you have about your life, the Universe will bring more and more of whatever that is to you.

Here's the challenge: We don't even realize that we are actually creating the experiences we are having and blocking or delaying the success and abundance that we are meant to be having. How do we edit our thoughts and words so we quit sabotaging ourselves, and instead, open up the doors to happiness? Consider these three tips:

1) Focus your attention on the good:

Don't focus on what's wrong... focus on what's right. If you are placing your focus, energy and attention on something negative, you are attracting more of exactly what you don't want. What you need to do is attract the opposite of what you currently have. So since what you see is what you are going to move forward, see yourself as healthy. See yourself as strong. See yourself as accomplishing your dreams. There is huge power in the vision you have of yourself. If your vision is limited, your life will be limited. Shift your focus from what you think you are to what you can become... Put energy into that. If your vision is negative, your life will follow.

2) Catch Yourself!:

So how do you catch yourself being negative, and then how do you turn it into being positive? It's very easy to just say, "Be positive and everything will be okay!" But we are human beings, not robots. So first, create a built-in warning system that will identify negative thoughts, allowing you a chance to choose a better way. Start really listening to your thoughts and ask yourself the following questions as a negativity checklist:

Is the thought self-defeating?

Is it critical of yourself or others?

Does it encourage excess worry?

Is the thought hard to get rid of?

Does thinking it make you upset or sad?

Is this really the way you want things to turn out?

Once you recognize that you are actually broadcasting negative thoughts and words out into the Universe, you can turn it around by deciding not to attach to it. Say to yourself, "delete, cancel," or "renege" and replace it with something positive. You soon will discover just how many life-defeating proclamations you've been putting out there... The Universe will quickly respond to this change of direction.

3) Say, "Thank You":

Embrace challenges and be grateful. Say, "thank you," no matter what. "Thank you" is one of the most powerful phrases you can send out into the Universe! Thank your past no matter how painful it was. You don't need to know why things happened the way they did. You need to be thankful that you got through them and learned whatever it was your soul was meant to learn in order to propel you through the process of your life. Accept that things couldn't have been any other way.

Gratitude is a force that, when unleashed, turns everything into a good experience... yes, everything. There is always a life lesson to be learned, a challenge to experience or an opportunity for growth. If you look at a situation from that perspective, nothing is ever bad...nothing. The reason is quite simple: When we develop an attitude of gratitude, the negative ceases to exist.

So thanking everything that is in your life, including the negatives, may seem ridiculous at first, but here's the magic: When you thank something negative for happening, or thank a negative thought for being there, you've just negated the negative and turned it into positive energy! At this point, miracles start to happen! The more thankful you become for everything around you, the more abundance will flow into your life. So thank everything, even when you're not so sure you're grateful for it... in time, you will be.

Keep in mind that every day you are planting the seeds of tomorrow. Have a big vision for your life and plant seeds of greatness. You will not only change your own life, but you will change the lives of those around you. And remember: Be careful what you wish for... you just might get it!