21 Perfect #ManlyBookClubNames For Bros Who Only Wanna Read About Bros

What a beautiful Reading Rainbro.

Men who feel forced to slog through the occasional novel written by or -- god forbid! -- about a woman, never fear: The Man Book Club is here. 

A Tuesday New York Times profile of said Man Book Club -- a 9-year running club made up of men in their 50s, "a number of whom are lawyers and engineers" -- and other all-male reading groups made it clear that the men who participate in these groups feel an added need to assert the masculine nature of the groups. (One of the other book clubs highlighted is named the International Ultra Manly Book Club. Because... of course it is.)

“We do not read so-called chick lit," the Man Book Club founder Andrew McCullough told the NYTimes. "The main character cannot be a woman.” The point is driven home on the group's website, which reads: “No books by women about women (our cardinal rule).”

The International Ultra Manly Book Club's website even outlines a vision that “one day we could step out of the shadow of our mothers’ book clubs and proclaim that yes, we too, are intellectuals.”

(Faux) shocked by this apparently new phenomenon of men reading, Fast Company asked people to chime in with their own #ManlyBookClubNames.

Unsurprisingly, the suggestions are pretty brilliant. Below are 21 book club names for any men craving the safe space of other men to talk about books written by men about men for yet other men:



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