Alleged Burglar Caught Molesting Mannequin On Store Surveillance VIDEO

The expression "different strokes for different folks" could be aptly applied to the case of a Brazilian man who was reportedly caught on camera having sex with a mannequin during an alleged burglary.

According to the Folha De Jaragua newspaper, a man identified only as "Bruno" was arrested Friday in connection with a Jan. 27 break-in at a shopping center in Jaragua, Brazil.

While there is nothing too shocking about the crimes the man is accused of committing -- the alleged theft of discount clothing -- it's the man's alleged behavior toward a mannequin, caught on a store surveillance camera, that has been raising eyebrows both within the Brazilian Federation and abroad.

The surveillance video, which has since been posted on YouTube, shows a man in the back hallway of a shopping center with a female mannequin.

While most people would likely consider such a mannequin to be a simple lay figure or tailor's dummy, the video in this case tells a different story. The mannequin -- a headless, double amputee -- appears to cause a great deal of arousal in her unexpected midnight visitor.

The mannequin may only look human -- minus a few limbs and a heartbeat -- but her lack of articulation doesn't appear to cool the prowler's ardor.

The video shows the suspect leaning the mannequin up against the wall and laying multiple kisses upon her shimmering opalescent plasticized breasts while gently stroking her torso.

True to the tendencies of a typical adult human male, the foreplay lasts about 30 seconds before the mannequin is shoved aside as if she were just another merchandising display. While the man's subsequent actions are not entirely clear, as his back is toward the camera, he does appear to pleasure himself in front of his spurned plastic lover.

Then, just as quickly as the encounter began, the man can be seen zipping his trousers and walking off in an apparent aura of relief. He can be seen giving one last glance to his plastic lover before heading out of view. There were no goodbyes or sweet kisses for this minuteman’s girl, just a cool brush-off before he fled like a thief in the night.

Ricardo Carvalho, director of the shopping center where the bizarre love affair occurred, told the Folha De Jaragua newspaper that, when he watched the video, he was shocked by the "lewd, flaky and clueless act."

"It was a strange thing, without rhyme or reason," Carvalho said.

According to The Mirror, "Bruno" was arrested Friday when he went back to the store during normal shopping hours. A store employee reportedly recognized him as the plastic lover in the surveillance video.

The Journal Populacional reports "Bruno" allegedly told police he sold the stolen items so he could support a drug habit.

"Bruno" has reportedly declined to discuss his extracurricular activities with the store mannequin.

"About that I will not talk," he told Folha De Jaragua.

Perhaps he recently saw a re-run of the 1987 film "Mannequin," in which a department store window dresser named Jonathan Switcher (played by actor Andrew McCarthy) falls in love with a mannequin (played by Kim Cattrall) who ultimately comes to life. Perhaps "Bruno" had the same hopes and dreams?

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Jaragua is in southern Brazil.