Manny Castro Hangs Hundreds Of Ruby Slippers From Miami Power Lines


Miami's blue skies and 70 degree weather are probably making you click your heels together and exclaim There's no place like home. Or maybe it's the hundreds of ruby slippers dangling from Miami Beach power lines. That's right, look up.

Although urban legend connects such dangled shoes with drug dealing activity, these sparkly kicks are actually the work of artist Manny Castro.

His rep told HuffPost Miami that the ruby slippers "went up on December 19th. They are an art holiday gift to the people of Miami Beach."

You can find them on 5th Street between Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive, along 17th Street between Washington and James avenues, and on residential streets from 18th to 5th streets.

Castro also tossed a pair in front CIFO- Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, resulting in this grateful tweet:

Castro is a Miami a native who is currently living in Los Angeles. A few months back he dispersed his ruby slippers all over the city of angels, making some publications like LA Weekly wonder if the Wicked production had turned to guerilla marketing.

Dorothy's actual ruby slippers used in The Wizard of Oz recently sold at auction for millions and there are only three other pairs in existence. So where did Castro get hundred of bejeweled shoes? According to the sleuthing of L.A. Weekly, he made his own with glitter and glue.

It turns out Castro's L.A. slippers were an artful advertisement for his solo show in Echo Park.

The artist also made waves when he created a 30-by-30 foot painting of Lady Gaga as Jesus Christ at the top of the famous Hollywood hills. He also installed gigantic, simulated cocaine bags on telephone poles around major L.A. intersections.

For another project, he enlisted the help of L.A.'s homeless population to underscore the difference between notions of Hollywood glamor and lived reality. See the video below.

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