Man's High-Rise Dog Rescue Will Make Your Heart Stop

"I did not think about the dire consequences."

How far would you go to save a pet? As far as this guy?

Diego Andres Davila Jimenez of Bogota, Colombia, became a dog's best friend when he climbed a 13th-floor balcony to save a petrified pooch hanging through the rails on Friday, Jukin Media reported.

Watch him go to work above like a real-life Spider-Man, showing admitted disregard for his own safety.

The man told The Dodo that he got an urgent call that his neighbor's dog Luna was moments from falling after she somehow slipped between the rails, leaving her dangling. Jimenez gained access to an apartment below the balcony where Luna was and climbed up to her. He eventually was able to pull her to safety.

"People on the ground were screaming," Jimenez told the outlet. "They had a mattress out just in case. The truth is, I did not think about the dire consequences. I did not look down."

The rescue has been viewed millions of times on Facebook.