Mansplaining Hotline Is A Destination For Dudes Who Need To Explain Things To Women

“Clueless girls: They need your opinion now!”

Dudes: Are you sick and tired of not being right all the time? Call the mansplaining hotline where a willing lady will let you explain everything to her!

A recent clip from Fox's new sketch comedy series "Party Over Here" imagines what a phone sex hotline would sound like if it were for mansplaining. Instead of a guy calling in to hear a little dirty talk, he would call to find a woman willing to listen to him explain just how clueless she actually is. An outlet for dudes to go off about Rey from "Star Wars" and men's rights? Ah yes, guys, dreams really do come true. 

The hilarious sketch stars three comedians, Alison Rich, Jessica McKenna and Nicole Byer, seductively asking their male callers to explain everything from sports to politics to them. 

“Our uninformed girls are waiting for you to explain simple concepts in a super condescending way," the sultry voiceover says in the video, while sentences like “Clueless girls: They need your opinion now!” flash across the screen. 

So, call the mansplaining hotline today and tell these ladies what they're doing wrong... because, if you're a man, you're always right!*

*Lol, JK. 



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