Mansplaining Street Harassment in the Best Way


I've written a lot about street harassment. (Like this post or this one or this one.) It's a subject near and dear to my heart, if by near and dear I mean a daily enraging experience during the times of the year when New York women aren't wearing Uniqlo puffer jackets. Casual misogyny, mircoaggressions, entitlement, and consent issues certainly touch my life in other ways, but there is no more frequent, nagging reminder that my body isn't as safe in this world as a man's than being catcalled while just trying to go about my business and exist.

Why catcallers actually harass women is another post entirely, and I don't have the psychology/sociology training to try to explain. But that's why I love the music video "Street Creepin'" by comedy rap group Small Batch Mafia -- as some men are wont to do, these three guys are more than happy to mansplain their mindset to me. Thank you, Small Batch Mafia. I finally understand.

You can listen to more of their music on their SoundCloud page, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @SmallBatchMafia.

Full disclosure: I know the guys in the group. I'd like to think that listening to me constantly rail about street harassment may have had something to do with this.