Watch A Woman Confront Manspreaders On The Subway

Watch A Woman Confront Manspreaders On The Subway

“Are you familiar with the term manspreading?"

Despite measures taken to raise awareness of "men taking up too much space on the subway," there are still many who aren't aware that "manspreading" is even a term. In their new video "Manspreading," the dedicated journalists at Gothamist confront men on New York City subways to ask if they've ever heard of "manspreading" and if they realize they're doing it. The results were a bit awkward.

Most of the men had no idea what manspreading was but, hearteningly, all were open to fixing it once they were educated on the phenomenon.

Manspreading has been discussed at length through projects like "Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train" and "Move The Fuck Over, Bro," prompting the MTA to launch a campaign encouraging courtesy on the subways.

To conclude their deep-dive into manspreading, Gothamist clarified the amount of lounging that's unacceptable when riding a subway: "If there's space enough for a litter of puppies or a celebrity selfie group shot, you are taking up too much space. Pull it in."

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