A Guide To Famous Men Manspreading

The term "manspreading" jumped from Tumblr fodder to headline news when New York City subways displayed a poster imploring "dudes" to stop the "spread" as part of a campaign urging passengers be considerate.

Men's Rights Activists responded with rage, calling the term "sexist" because men must spread their legs widely as a "biological necessity." But given recent evidence on the average size of the male anatomy and the fact that Jon Hamm sits with his legs crossed, this defense falls short.

Tom Hanks made a more measured argument last week. Responding charges that he took up too much space on a New York City subway, the actor pointed out that the train was relatively empty -- creating a surplus of space in which his stance would not impose on others.

To a certain degree, a manspread will be determined by its environment. In many cases, slight spread of the knees within the boundaries sanctioned by the seating area in question is perfectly acceptable.

We've selected a few familiar faces to demonstrate a rough scale below -- their degree of manspread rated between zero (least) and five (most). Some notable figures exemplify respectable spreads, while some of their famous peers have yet to catch on.

Jay Z: 4
jay z basketball

Jon Hamm: <0, because we've all seen the pictures.
jon hamm sitting

Justin Timberlake: 0, adjusted for proximity to Shaq; Shaq: 1, adjusted for body size; Kevin Hart: 1
justin timberlake basketball

Barack Obama: 3; Joe Biden: 2
barack obama basketball game

Barack Obama: 4
barack obama basketball game

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: 3, adjusted for feminist credentials
joseph gordon levitt basketball

Larry David: 3
larry david basketball

These two dudes next to Angela Merkel: 5;5, adjusted for impact on head of state.
angela merkel sitting

Ben Affleck: 4
ben affleck basketball

Mitch McConnell: 0; Harry Reid: 3
mitch mcconnell sitting

Ashton Kutcher: 3
ashton kutcher basketball

Justice Clarence Thomas: 5; Justice Antonin Scalia: 4 Chief Justice John G. Roberts: 0 Justice Anthony M. Kennedy: 0; Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: dissenting
ruth bader ginsburg

Benedict Cumberbatch: 0
benedict cumberbatch interview

Bradley Cooper: 4, adjusted for proximity to Anna Wintour
bradley cooper fashion week

Baz Luhrmann: 4, adjusted for proximity to Anna Wintour
front row marc jacobs

Dane Dehann: 2; Miles Teller: 4
miles teller

Ben Stiller: 2; Drake: 4
drake ben stiller

Abraham Lincoln: 2
abraham lincoln statue

John Slattery: 3
nanette lepore john slattery

Charlie Hunnam: 0
charlie hunnam fashion week

Benjamin Franklin: 3
benjamin franklin

Jack Nicholson: 5; Adam Sandler: <0
jack nicholson basketball game

Channing Tatum: Likely 5, location of left leg unknown
channing tatum award show

Leonardo DiCaprio: 3
leonardo dicaprio basketball

Adam Levine: 3
adam levine basketball

Chris Pratt: 2
chris pratt basketball

Miles Teller: N/A. While Mr. Teller is not imposing on anyone's space, this spread is noteworthy on width alone.
miles teller interview



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