10 Questions for Manti Te'o

As Manti Te'o remains verbally silent throughout the early stages of this girlfriend hoax travesty, it seems to be only a matter of time before the Notre Dame linebacker sits down for an interview or holds a press conference regarding his take on this fiasco. Te'o has already released a statement claiming he is innocent and is simply a "victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke," and Notre Dame athletic director, Jack Swarbrick, held a press conference in complete support of the university's supposedly inspirational figure. However, Te'o's numerous comments on his girlfriend to varying media outlets have seemed to contradict each other. And, Deadspin.com's greatly detailed and lengthy report suggests that Te'o is not a victim of anyone but his own wrongdoing. With no clear explanation for what actually transpired, this story has left many questions unanswered.

The following are 10 questions I would like to ask Manti Te'o regarding this situation:

1. In your October 2 interview with ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski (2:26 mark), you told him that this apparent woman, Lennay Kekua, was the "love of your life." How could you consider someone the love of your life without ever seeing her face-to-face? How does one develop true feelings of love for someone that he or she never met?

2. If you had never seen your girlfriend before, why did you tell ESPN's Heather Cox following the Michigan State game that you would see both your grandmother and girlfriend again? And, why would your father tell the South Bend Tribune in an October 10 interview that you and your girlfriend had been together several times in Hawaii?

3. You told Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel, that "she really loves [your] parents and [your] parents really love her." Did this girl actually have a relationship with your parents if you had just talked to her on the phone and online?

4. If you truly loved this girl, how come you didn't take any time at all to visit this girl's family following her death? Why did you immediately play football? How could you never have wanted to visit her grave?

5. Why did it take you 20 days to call your Notre Dame coaches (0:28 mark) that your apparently deceased girlfriend contacted you by phone during the December 6th ESPN's Home Depot College Football Awards show in Orlando?

6. Did you fabricate and embellish some details of your relationship to hide that this relationship was solely online and over the phone?

7. As your girlfriend's death was receiving most of the media attention, did you ever regret that the loss of your grandmother had been somewhat overshadowed?

8. Do you find it inappropriate that Notre Dame has hired private investigators to investigate your case, per Swarbrick, yet they remained silent following Lizzy Seeberg's suicide that resulted from an alleged sexual battery from a Notre Dame football player?

9. According to reports, you learned of this hoax on December 2, approximately an entire month before the Discover BCS Championship game. Thus, why did you continue to answer questions about your girlfriend before, during and after the game?

10. If Deadspin.com had never broken this story, do you think nobody would have known about this issue outside of you, your family, the supposed culprits and Notre Dame? Further, would Swarbrick have never even made a public statement if no media outlet reported it?

Now, the entire sports world, and much of the world in general, waits in anxious confusion for Te'o to speak.