Manual Rivera, Colo. Father, Pleads Guilty To The Oxycodone Overdose Death Of His Toddler

Manuel Rivera, a 31-year-old Clifton, Colo. father pleaded guilty to the Oxycodone overdose death of his 17-month-old toddler daughter, the Grand Junction Sentinel reports. Rivera, who wept during the court hearing, plead guilty to child abuse resulting in the death of his daughter and will serve between 12 and 18 years.

KJCT8 reports that on March 5 Rivera dropped two Oxycontin pills in his bedroom, left for a trip to Denver with his family and was unable to find them upon returning. Unfortunately, the next day, young Analeisa did find them and when police arrived they found the toddler not breathing.

A toxicology report showed that Rivera's daughter, Analeisa, had consumed 13 times a safe dose of the narcotic for a child, according to 7News.