Manuel 'Matty' Moroun's Jail Time Causes Outpouring Of Twitter Responses

Detroiters Respond To Moroun's Jailing

When Matty Moroun was sentenced Thursday, tweeters caused a celebratory ruckus.

After years of battling it out in court with MDOT, Detroit International Bridge Company owner Moroun and President Dan Stamper were sent to jail by Wayne County Circuit Judge Prentis Edwards for failing to comply with a court order to finish construction on the Gateway project, which is meant to connect the Ambassador Bridge to area freeways.

Southwest Detroit is most affected by the stalled construction project, which causes trucks to rely on city streets. Community members were happy to see Moroun delivered what they saw as fitting justice.

"I've been doing this for over 30 years, watching this bridge company owner behave in horrible ways," said Deb Sumner, a resident of southwest Detroit. "They've been a horrible corporate neighbor."

Sumner said she and her neighbors broke into applause in the courtroom when Edwards read his orders.

Responses to Moroun's jail time on Twitter, however, were even less restrained -- and completely hilarious. From auto show jokes to references to the city's other celebrity inmates, Detroiters responded with spot-on humor and some questionable taunting. Some social media users naysaid the court order, but their voices were few and far between.

We've compiled the most entertaining tweets for your reading pleasure. Tell us your favorites in the comments or tweet us your own one-liner @HuffPost Detroit.

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