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Manuel Rodriguez, Elderly Cross-Dresser, Allegedly Caught Shoplifting

Elderly Cross-Dresser Allegedly Caught Shoplifting

An elderly cross-dresser got attention not for his blush, but his bluff.

Manuel Rodriguez, an 80-year-old Florida man, allegedly told police he didn't know why he was stealing, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Rodriguez, who was dressed as a woman and accessorized with makeup and lipstick, tried shoving $87 worth of Walmart items in his purse, according to a Marion County Sheriff's Office report.

Bizarrely, Rodriguez allegedly had more than $800 on him at the time of the theft, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Rodriguez was charged with petty theft and booked into jail still wearing lipstick.

Maybe Rodriguez could have taken a helpful hint from a Chicago gypsy family that allegedly stole over $3 million in electronics before being caught.

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