Manure Dumped Outside French Parliament In Protest (PHOTOS)

Someone Dropped A Load In Front Of French Parliament

The stench of manure was in the air outside French parliament Thursday after a protester dumped a truck-full of animal excrement in front of the National Assembly in Paris.

According to local reports, the driver left the odorous present for parliament members and President Francois Hollande. "Out with Hollande and the whole political class!" a statement on the side of the truck read, the Agence France-Presse reports.

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According to Reuters, the man, who works as a horse breeder, delivered several tons of manure to the gates of the lower house of French parliament to protest a recent tax hike on equestrian activities.

After dropping the load, the man was promptly arrested by police. He is expected to face charges. He has been arrested for similar feces-related protests in the past.

However, opponents of Hollande were quick to throw their support behind the "poop attack."

Speaking to Le Huffington Post, the head of a group calling for the president's resignation said he has encouraged these types of manure protests. "We salute the courage of sympathizers and support citizen protest," David van Hemelryck said.

Hollande has faced increased criticism lately following a magazine's report that he is having an affair with a French actress.

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