Many New York Stores Sell Dogs From Puppy Mills

Many New York Stores Sell Dogs From Puppy Mills

According to a new report conducted by the Humane Society of the United States, nearly 4,500 dogs sold in New York City pet stores are supplied by puppy mills, many that have been shipped from the Midwest.

NBC New York investigated the situation which found more than 100 pet stores selling dogs from the mills, which are known for their cruel treatment and lack of proper, sanitary conditions.

An official from the Humane Society released the following statement:

These high-priced pet stores claim to sell dogs from small private breeders, but are actually pushing dogs from huge Midwest puppy mills with some of the worst federal Animal Welfare Act violations imaginable. Consumers are being duped into buying puppies born to breeding dogs who spend their entire lives trapped in tiny wire cages, churning out litter after litter. The breeders themselves treat these animals as livestock.

The statement also claims that 11 stores were videotaped purchasing puppy mill dogs, despite specific claims to customers that their animals were not from such mills and instead bought from "private breeders."

Some of the stores were even said to have dogs being sold by known animal abuser Kathy Jo Bauck, who had her license revoked after being convicted of overworking and mistreating animals by torture.

Despite claims from store owners who insist innocence, NBC NY reports that the animal advocacy group has proof which includes shipping documents and video recordings.

Groups such as the Humane Society have long worked to ban puppy mills. In October, the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons rescued about 150 dogs from the Midwest to come to New York City to provide medical treatment and find new owners.

On a similar note, earlier this year, Le Petite Puppies in the West Village began banning customers who were demonstratively drunk from coming in and purchasing animals in their inebriated state.

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