Hilarious Map Proves That Every City Is The Same Damn Place

Do you live near the "ugly bridge everyone hates?"

Have you ever noticed that part of town that "used to be cool but is now full of shit bars and drunks," or the "amazing park that's just a bit too far away?"

So has Chaz Hutton. When the writer-illustrator doodled the definitive city map on a Post-It note, describing in 18 valid points how all of our cities are exactly the same damn place, and and put it on Twitter, it got more than 4,500 retweets.

Clearly, it struck a nerve.

If you recognize that some of this might sit a little too close to home, don't worry -- Hutton writes that it's not modeled after any specific city, nor is this meant to be taken as a literal map.

"The map isn’t a map of a city in the literal sense," nor is it "actually a map of a city," he says. "Rather it’s a map of people’s experience of living in cities: the changing circumstances of people as they get older and have children, the way ‘cool’ areas emerge from formerly ‘rough’ areas and are then invariably compared to the less-cool, traditionally wealthy areas, the kind of areas that an Ikea needs to be built for it to be profitable. All these things are endemic to most large cities, with most of them the outcomes of events situated at some point along the gentrification arc."

Also, it's just funny cuz it's true.

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