South Carolina Primary 2012 Results: Election Reporting By County (MAP, REAL-TIME DATA)

UPDATE: Newt Gingrich came out on top of the South Carolina primary, netting 40.4% of the vote. Mitt Romney finished second with 27.8%. Rick Santorum and Ron Paul scored 17% and 13% respectively.

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Since 1980, when Ronald Reagan won the the first party primary contest held in the Palmetto State, the winner of the South Carolina Republican primary has won the party's nomination for president.


The remaining GOP candidates -- Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum -- are vying for the state's 25 delegates.

The Republican National Committee penalized the state for moving up its primary date, which violated party rules. So, along with four other states, South Carolina lost half its delegates to the August nominating convention.

The winner of Saturday's primary will receive 11 delegates, while the winner of each of the state's seven congressional districts will receive two delegates per district.

A candidate needs a total of 1,144 delegates to win the Republican nomination.

According to the latest polls, Gingrich has surged in recent days, edging Romney, the current frontrunner in the GOP race, by a roughly 10-point margin, with 26.8 percent of the vote. Paul and Santorum trail in third and fourth place, respectively.

In 2008, Romney came in fourth place in South Carolina, with only 15 percent of the vote.

To see the returns for a specific county, simply click that area of the map below. The map is updated in real-time, so there's no need to refresh for the page for the latest results.

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