Maple Syrup Cocktail Recipes Are What's Been Missing From Your Life

Sure, it can still top your waffles, but that's so basic.

Here's why you should drink maple syrup.

The tree juice is a natural sweetener, it adds a caramelized, sugary depth to whatever you put it on or in. And as far as booze is concerned, it's a great balance to bitters or citrus. Plus, the glass bottle already kind of looks like a flask's prettier older sister, so you can give it a great afterlife once the syrup's gone.

Rather than pancakes, what you should REALLY do with maple syrup is put it in your whiskey, tequila or vodka for a comforting, wintery cocktail. (And we're talking about the real stuff, not Aunt Jemima.)

In honor of National Maple Syrup Day on Dec. 17, we offer the following recipes for you to toast the holiday, and get a little toasty yourself.

The Bruce Wayne
Maple Whiskey Sour
The Nor'easter
Maple & Thyme Whiskey Sour
Second Circle
The Tequila Healer
Moose's Milk
Maple Vodka And Espresso Dessert Cocktail

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