Bad Weather = Good For Maple Syrup: How to Make Your Favorite Pancake Accompaniment (And Cocktail)

While you and I are praying for warmer weather, there are a select few that are hoping for the opposite. Those Vermonters, Canadians and Minnesotans who wish that foul weather upon us are the tappers of Maple trees. Every spring, the weather comes into a balance where the temperature thaws during the day and freezes at night. This is the perfect time for sap to flow.

Maple sap is an incredible thing. Clear in color with just the slightest hint of sweetness, you would never think that it could become that glorious pancake accompaniment. And how Native Americans had the good sense to cook it for hours and hours (by putting hot stones into the liquid) is beyond me.

Watch the video to see how my friend Chris Ransom does it in his backyard. And try out a recipe for this "Minneapolis" Cocktail.

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