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Maple Syrup

Gail Simmons shows you how to use foods you already have in your pantry to make easy, delicious recipes. In this episode of the Pantry Project, Gail shows viewers how maple syrup adds a new depth of flavor to recipes.

Maple syrup is the boiled down sap of certain kinds of maple trees found in the northeastern United States and Canada. It has a deep, caramel-like sweetness, and comes in two grades: "A" and "B." The main difference in the grades is color -- grade "B" is generally darker, but the flavors don't differ much. What's important is that you get 100 percent maple syrup.

In this video Gail shows viewers three recipes she's created to highlight the flavor of maple syrup, and then demonstrates how to make her Maple Roasted Fruit Parfaits with Ricotta and Walnuts recipe. It's ideal for breakfast but also makes a beautiful dessert. She begins by coring and slicing ripe pears, then places the slices on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. (You can use any fruit that's in season -- peaches and plums also work well for this recipe.) She drizzles the pears with melted butter and maple syrup, then puts them into the oven to roast. While they're roasting, she puts together the ricotta portion of the parfait, stirring together fresh ricotta, confectioners sugar, and lemon zest. When the pears are done, their liquid has combined with the butter and syrup to create a rich glaze. To assemble the parfait, she layers the ricotta, the fruit (with some of the glaze), and chopped toasted walnuts.