Mapleton Elk's Boulder Memorial Will Be Funded By In Defense Of Animals Group

A memorial is on the way for Boulder's slain Mapleton elk, that was shot by a police officer on New Year's Day.

A representative of the group said that they'd like to erect a bronze statue of the elk if they raise enough money, adding that the memorial would be a symbol that wildlife matters to Boulder residents.

Former Boulder Police Officers Sam Carter, 35, and Brent Curnow, 38, are facing nine charges each that include three felonies for the death of the trophy-class elk. Both men submitted their letters of resignation on Jan. 22nd days after they were arrested and released on a $20,000 bond recognizance.

Among their charges, the officers also violated Samson's Law, which prohibits the poaching of trophy-class animals. Trophy-class meaning the elk had six or more horns on at least one side of its head, as did the Mapleton elk in this instance.

The law was named Samson after a trophy-class elk in Estes Park that was shot and killed in 1995. Estes Park unveiled a bronze sculpture of Samson in 1997 that was financed by residents and donors across the country.

In Defense of Animals says it received over 17,000 emails in the immediate aftermath of Big Boy's death, demanding justice.

Those who wish to contribute may do so through the FirstBank under the Mapleton Elk Memorial Fund.



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