Accused Mar-A-Lago Trespasser Smears Bananas On Cars, Police Say

The fruity attack at President Donald Trump's resort involved balloons and a computer message.

Wonder if she’ll appeal?

A Florida woman faces trespassing charges after police said she sneaked onto President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida on Friday to rub banana peels on cars.

Kelly Weidman slipped onto the Mar-A-Lago grounds in Palm Beach just hours before Trump’s inauguration in Washington, police said. She smeared banana on cars, according to and left an explicit message on a computer inside the resort.

Inside the resort, Weidman typed “F***UTrumpB” on a computer screen, according to Police said she also moved balloons from inside the building to bushes outside.

Security guards called police after Weidman refused to leave. She confessed, police said. 

Her motive may seem a little fruity.

Officers said she told them she wanted to be arrested because it would get attention for her claim of being cyberattacked, according to notes the police report didn’t mention the cyberattack claim.

Weidman was charged with misdemeanor trespassing and was released.

This isn’t the first time that food has been used to protest Trump.

In October, a woman in Amherst Junction, Wisconsin, was charged with disorderly conduct after police said she spread peanut butter on 30 cars that she believed belonged to Trump supporters. Turned out the cars belonged to members of the Tomorrow River Conservation Club. 



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