Tremendously Underwhelming Sinkhole Opens In Front Of Mar-A-Lago

Not so fantastic.

Everyone knows it’s good to have someone keep an eye on your home when you leave town on a business trip or vacation.

With that in mind, someone should probably call President Donald Trump to let him know that a small sinkhole opened up directly in front of his Mar-a-Lago residence during his travels in the Middle East.

The town of Palm Beach, Florida, shared the following alert from its website:

Palm Beach

Local CBS affiliate WPEC reported that the small sinkhole caused traffic delays in the area.

The network also shared a photo from the scene:

4-by-4 feet is pretty small to merit much internet sinkhole hysteria, but that didn’t stop folks on Twitter for chiming in on a situation ripe for comedy. People would really like to know if there is any connection to the glowing orb Trump touched in Saudi Arabia.

Here are a few favorite tweets:

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