Mara Wilson On 'Matilda' Reunion: It Was 'Just Heartwarming'

Former child actress Mara Wilson stopped by HuffPost Live on Monday to discuss her relationship with Hollywood, and her recent reunion with the cast of "Matilda."

Wilson, who spoke of her "mutual breakup" with the film industry, dished on the "Matilda" reunion footage, which is included on the latest Blu-ray edition of the 1996 movie.

"Oh my gosh, that was so much fun," Wilson said. "We shot it in Danny DeVito's backyard. We had a tea party and it was wonderful."

"We had a big chocolate cake, of course," Wilson continued, referencing the cake that Bruce (Jimmy Karz) is forced to eat the entirety of in the film. "Everybody was there. Pam Ferris was there, Kiami [Davael] was there ... Embeth [Davidtz] was there. It was so nice and it was just really, I mean, it was just heartwarming to see everybody and see everybody grown up and see what they'd gone through and seeing their children. I just loved every minute of it. It felt so familial."

Catch the 26-year-old actress speaking about the reunion above, and watch her full interview with HuffPost Live below.

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