The Marathon Wine Glass Stops You From Embarrassing Yourself

This condescending glass could save you from a few embarrassing nights.

Lushes of the world, there's a new wine glass out there and it has your name written all over it.

Not sure if you're a lush? Read on. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, we're here to tell you that you like your drink more than than the average person.

  • Do you always finish your beverage before everyone else?
  • Does your bar tab usually comes back with a higher figure than what's in your checking (and savings) account?
  • Are you the person who wants to have just one more drink, every time?
  • Can you count the days you stayed in, sober, for the month on just one hand?
  • Does your wine store/liquor shop guy know you?

If you just found out that you're a lush, we want you to know: we love going out for drinks with you. But we do think you should know about the Marathon Wine Glass. Designed with marathon runners in mind, this wine glass is supposed to help you pace yourself so you don't suddenly find yourself wasted when everyone else is just beginning to catch a buzz.

The wine glass aims to achieve this goal by marking the milliliters on the glass so you know exactly how much you're taking down (just don't forget to keep track of how many glasses you empty). And it also reminds you, in a slightly condescending tone, to slow down with the words "pacing yourself is everything" etched right on the glass.

If this sounds like something you could use, or if you answered yes to ALL of the answers above, you can (and maybe should) get this glass on Etsy for just $22.

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