Marble Statue Looks Exactly Like Ron Swanson, But Was Carved In Mid-1800s

A Reddit user has discovered a marble statue that looks like Ron Swanson -- exactly like Ron Swanson.

The marble statue, posted to Reddit by user tmcdizzle827 on Tuesday, bears an uncanny resemblance to Nick Offerman’s character on the NBC series “Parks and Recreation.” The only thing is, the statue was commissioned back in the mid-1800s.

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edwin forrest

On display at the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia, the statue actually depicts Shakespearean actor Edwin Forrest, whose his career began at the Walnut Street Theater in 1820, per MTV News.

The outlet spoke with the theater’s communications manager, Amy Rodgers, who said it's mostly young people who notice the six-ton statue’s resemblance to the TV character.

"Usually it’s the younger crowd during tours, saying, 'Oh my god, it’s Ron Swanson!'" she said.

ron swanson statue

For those who may be unfamiliar with Swanson’s character, we believe the clip below is an accurate representation.